Verse  1                       

She left him in the summer,                   

When the corn was standing high,                  

Walked away from everything she knew.

He watched her as she faded                         

Faded from his sight,

Then her father

slowly turned for home.


Verse 2

She travels through enchanted places

Following her heart.

The sights and sounds intoxicate her senses.

But what she thought was freedom,

Now threatens to destroy, 

The riches that she

took  from him are gone.



And the sun moves round,                     

Nothing is the same now,              

Nothing is the same.

Seasons change,

He loves her more than she will ever know.




What was it that enticed  her,

And stole her from his heart?                          

He would have given everything to keep her.

But love is not a tyrant,

And love is not a fool,

It knows what must be held, 

And what let go.



And the sun moves round…


Verse 3

And now she is alone 

Beneath a winters sky

Summers warmth a distant memory

She longs to be in comfort

In her fathers house

The memory of his love

Begins to draw her  


Verse 4

So she starts the long walk home

Carrying her broken dreams

Practising her sorry words

Empty hands and empty heart

Will there be a welcome there?

Will there be a place for her?



She sees him in the distance

Running now to reach her,

Indifferent to the way he may appear

Undignified and joyful

He takes her in his arms,

Brushes past the tumble

Of her words.



And the sun moves round,

Nothing is the same now

Everything is changed,

And the sun moves round.

He loves her more than

She will ever know.


Verse 5

And here they are at table,

Talking face to face,

late into the dusky summer night.

Here begins the healing,

And here she is reborn.

His love covers all her shame,

His love covers all her shame.