Another day dawns

Just like so many others

Nothing to distinguish it or markit

I wake I stretch

I stretch and yawn

Watch the man beside me breathing low


He used to mean the world to me

My life my everything

But now I feel an emptiness inside

Why can I never settle

What is this thing I feel

That always longs for more


I’m dreaming as the water

Sparkles in the washing bowl

Thankful for the coolness on my skin

Dreaming as I wind a cloth

Around my  hair

Wondering if real love will ever find me


Real love real love real love


As I walk the hillside

Away from village sounds

Here there is no noise of angry voices

Just the stillness and the heat

Of the noonday sun

I wonder if my life will ever change


Real love real love real love


He seemed to come from nowhere

He seems to fill this space

Now He’s asking me to draw Him water

He walks across the lines

of gender and of race

Light as any feather to myheart


I am thirsty at my own well

Tired of it all

But as we speak my heart begins to lift

His words go deep within me

They resonate and ring

He offers living water running deep


real love inst....


And now He tells my story

As if He knew me well

Unfolding all the dark and hidden places

I see no condemnation

His eyes are pools of love

I have the choice to brave or to resist Him