Martha Martha, kicking up stones   

Scuffing at the toes of her new shoes                

Martha Martha, sitting in a tree

Wondering about what’s in her head


Tumble tumble thoughts like little birds                          

Are fluttering together in their cage                                      

Oh my my, can’t seem to find the thread        

To unravel and reveal the real me


Tired so tired what a long day its been

Busy busy nothing ever finished                               

Nothing seems to come to anything worthwhile                          

Wasted time and energy mispent


Perfect perfect I am the perfection

You have struggled for and never found

Still be still and see the things that matter              

See the things that make a life worthwhile


You and I can do the work together                                

Everything will sparkle with my joy                                 

Let me help undo your angry fists                                       

Tell me all your worries and your fears


Stop and see the beauty all around you                                 

If you rest the work will still get finished                            

Calm your mind and focus on  my words             

They’ll soothe your troubled soul and bring release



Martha Martha sitting in the bows

dream with me along the reedy river                

Martha Martha, change the lense and focus                  

Let the water slip through open fingers


A kingfisher darts                              

In a slanting of light                                                

The river sings quietly wending its way

A little bird calls as it feathers its nest                                  

All is at peace all is at peace..