We walk together

Through the seasons

You share the joys

The sorrows too

You lift me up

Each time I stumble,

You are my song

My freedom song


The road ahead

Is cloaked in darkness

But as I look

I see Your light

I hear Your words

Of love and comfort

I take Your hand

And walk with You


If You are with me

I can stand

within the fire

and the storm

my strength and shield

my hiding place

my roots go deep into Your love


Now spring is here

The rains are over

Blossoms form

On driest branch

I look around

and see the flowers

begin to grow

among the thorns


If I stay with You

I will grow

I will bear fruit

I will stay young

Within Your arms

I’m safe and warm

Your voice is shining all around


Your love is the constant

It’s in the warp and weft

You hold me sustain me

Surround me at all times

No failure no torment

Can drive you from my heart

No angel or demon

Can separate me from

Your love, your love

Your love, your love


My roots go deep into that love…